Monday, October 29, the Plenary Session of the “Consell Valencià de Cultura” will be held in the municipality of Potries


  • The maximum Valencian cultural institution wants to congratulate Potries for their declaration as Valencian Cultural Capital.
  • Grisolia will deliver the medal of the institution to the City Council.

Potries (10/22/18). Next Monday, October 29, the Plenary Session of the “Consell Valencià de Cultura” will be held in the municipality of Potries, with public sessions that will take place starting at 11 am in the stately building, built in the 17th century, where the City Hall is located nowadays.

The maximum cultural institution of the Valencian Community that presides the professor Santiago Grisolia, has wanted to move to the saforenc municipality “with the purpose of congratulating the neighbors for the appointment of Valencian Cultural Capital of less than 5000 inhabitants, made by the Generalitat Valenciana, and offer their support to promote the cultural projects required by the municipality of Potries “.

The acts that will take place during the morning, and which will be public, will include an Extraordinary Plenary, with the participation of the Mayor of Potries, Assumpta Domínguez, in which institutional declarations will be made by both parties.

Dominguez is “especially excited, on behalf of me and our entire small town, to receive this highest institution, with the participation of all members of the Council, all to support a very long task, as the Consell himself knows first hand, and receive recognition and new encouragement to continue promoting projects around the culture and our Living Heritage; which is, if needed, more lives than ever. ”

The mayor refers to the visit that a delegation of members of the “Consell Valencià de Cultura” held in Potries in 2007, and that involved the approval of 2 reports by the same plenary around the heritage of water, the tradition of pottery and its heritage and other elements of the tangible and intangible heritage of Potries. “It is a joy to be able to show the members of the “Consell Valencià de Cultura”, as the City Council has followed its recommendations, making real many of the proposals approved by them just 10 years ago”, confirmed the mayor.

The stay will include a visit to the recently officially recognized: “Museu de la Cassoleria d’Àngel Domínguez”, one of the proposals emanated from the recommendations of the Consell itself, and that today is a reality. In addition, a commemorative plaque will be installed in the City Hall and the Mayor will receive the Medal of the Cultural Institution from the hands of President Grisolia.

At 11.00 am, after the initial reception, the commemorative plaque will be discovered and the President and the Mayor, along with other members of the Consell and corporate members, will attend the media.