– The members of the Consell congratulate the people of Potries for the preservation of their cultural heritage

(POTRIES 29/10/18). The Valencian Council of Culture (Consell Valencià de Cultura), with its president, Professor Santiago Grisolia, met in plenary this morning at Potries, in particular at the house that was one of the symbols of the union of the territories Borja and Centelles in the the region of La Safor, which currently houses the Town Hall.

The CVC has approved, among others, a specific statement about the Potries estate and the work that for years the City Council and the people in general have done for the preservation of their pottery tradition and the historical legacy that it entails the hydraulic heritage.

In particular, the members of the Consell have wanted to emphasize the cultural importance of the whole of the hydraulic heritage in all its dimensions: guided routes, architecture and elements, traditional forms of irrigation, as well as the traditional work in our gardens: Potries’s appointment as a cultural capital, to promote the project of the Ethnological Museum and the Water Route, and the conservation of all hydraulic elements and assets, which would provide the municipality with a cultural complex of great interest, extensive to the rest of the region (… / …). The Potries project is not an isolated piece, “but it should be part of a larger project”, in which the presence and commitment of the Ministry of Culture is essential to finally consolidate projects that were initiated one decade before. ”


In this sense, the mayoress of Potries, Assumpta Dominguez expressed: “We are committed to the culture to face the challenges of the future, and we are convinced that this is the strategy to generate wealth and increase the quality of life of residents and newcomers, and thus prevent depopulation of the municipality “; words that have had the support of the same CVC.

The plenary had emotional moments, for example when the boys and girls of the Mondúver-Safor CRA school delivered to the
President, Santiago Grisolia, a booklet where they have worked and expressed what culture means for them, related to the heritage elements of the people.

The visit culminated at “Museu Cassoleria d’Àngel Domínguez”, where the members of the Council wanted to highlight the effort made by the people to carry out this project, which already recommended to complete the same CVC in the report of the plenary of the January 28, 2008. Just ten years later, coinciding with the declaration of Cultural Capital and with the celebration of this Plenary, it has been a reality that members of the first person have been able to enjoy.