The City Council of Potries starts a campaign to raise awareness among owners of pets of the importance of respecting the law

The aim of the campaign is to raise the awareness of pet owners about the importance of complying with the rights and obligations of having pets, especially in regard to the collection of dog droppings and the fact that they go tied on a leash.

This will ensure that the residents of Potries respect each other with compliance with the rules, improving coexistence between them and helping to keep the town clean. That is why the motto of the campaign is “Respect your town”, followed by “Take the dog on a leash and his poop in the bag”.

With this campaign, the City Council reminds that the fact of not picking up excrement and carrying the loose dog can result in a sanction included in the “Municipal ordinance regulating the protection and possession of companion animals and potentially dangerous animals” of up to € 600. To convey the message, posters will be hung around different parts of the town and graphic material will also be shared through social networks.