Potries (27/09/2018). The “III Jornadas de Museos y Colecciones Museográficas de la Comunidad Valenciana” “A Museu Obert”, organized by the Territorial Direction of Valencia and the General Direction of Culture and Patrimony, in collaboration with the Vicerrectorado of Territorial Projection and Society of the “Universitat de València”, will have place to the towns of Aras de los Olmos and Chelva, to the region of the Serranos, on September 28 and 29, 2018.

This year, the conference will serve as a meeting place, training and reflection on what role, or can have, the museums, as interpreters of the territory where they are and as facilitators of the human communities with which they are related. To do all this, we will have a diversified and intense program of conferences, round tables and workshops.

Potries has been invited to participate in these III Conferences, where the Director of the “Museu Etnològic Cassoleria d’Àngel Domínguez” of Potries, Borja Fuster, will explain the Potries experience: “A Living Museum”, on Friday, the 28th at 16 a.m. the hermitage of Santo Cristo de Aras de los Olmos.

The mayor of Potries, Assumpta Domínguez, summarizes the contribution we will contribute to the conference: “We will discuss the experience of the conformation and development of the museographic project of the” Cassoleria “in Potries and how it has involved an imbrication of the museum within society local, keeping the ethnological and patrimonial elements alive, in the way of life of the “potriers” and “potrieres.” And how it has supposed, the definitive putting in operation of the museum institution, an explosion of cultural and social activity, as well as the strengthening of the research activity, and the opening of new axes of museological work, with the participation of the local society”.