The TOWN COUNCIL OF POTRIES as the managing body of the CASSOLERIA D’ÀNGEL DOMÍNGUEZ ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM has decided to implement a Quality Management System, based on the reference standard UNE 302002:2018, in order to offer an improvement in the level of quality in its services of “MUSEUMS. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PROVISION OF THE VISIT SERVICE”, which maintains the following principles of action and commitments:

  • Improve service quality by complying with all legal requirements, regulations and other legal commitments that apply to them or to which the organisation subscribes.
  • We are actively committed to the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, through the maintenance and improvement of its effectiveness, always guaranteeing the satisfaction of our visitors and meeting their expectations.
  • To create and maintain a favourable climate within the entity, training and motivating staff in relation to quality and teamwork, which allows the professional and personal development of its members and the achievement of the required quality.
  • The Quality Policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives, carrying out reviews to keep them up to date and ensuring compliance with the policy, objectives and targets set.

The Organisation is committed to working within this Quality Policy.