The collection:

The Potries Museum Collection wants to promote a meeting and awareness-raising space about the conservation, research, promotion and exhibition of local and regional cultural heritage. It aims to stimulate the cultural and socioeconomic dynamization of the community and its territory, in accordance with the cultural heritage resources that have shaped over the centuries the personality of the Valencian people. This institution is located in an old restored pottery at Cup Street, 6, a house-workshop that belonged to Àngel Domínguez, which today constitutes an important ethnological resource.

The collection is made up of ceramic materials from different periods and  archaeological sites. We find prehistoric pieces, from the Penyascals and Casa Fosca-Horteta sites; the Roman remains from the Campina-Catorzena villa; pieces from the medieval historic centre and the “cantereria” (quarry); up to the 19th and 20th centuries with several collection campaigns for locating and collecting pieces of contemporary potters. We find as well an enormous amount of ethnological materials related to the traditional rural life and the economic activities developed over the centuries in our municipality (tools related to pottery trade, livestock and slaughter, agriculture and farming, orange and olive trees, oil and silk production, grapes and raisin, transports and carriers, blacksmiths, woodcutters, esparto and its products, etc.).

In this document you will find the list of objects in the inventory to date, although there are still many not inventoried yet.