Our beach

The Serpis river has always been an environment closely linked to the town of Potries, the neighborhood of which, like many others in the Safor region, it has used for many years for uses as diverse as: fishing, hunting and gathering that They have served as nutritional contributions to the population in times of food shortages, as a recreational space for families and the youngest, especially in the summer, as well as to take advantage of their resources, as a grazing area, etc. But it has also been a space that has suffered several impacts in past times due to contamination by the industries present in its vicinity.

Currently, despite the fact that there are no longer as serious and obvious pollution problems as those suffered in previous decades, the Serpis presents different problems, mainly due to the abundant presence of invasive alien species, the scarcity of water and a lack of uses. by the populations, which generate spaces near the municipalities with very evident signs of degradation of this natural environment, such as: sections of the river inaccessible due to impassable reed beds, areas where waste and debris accumulate from uncontrolled dumping , etc.

In 2018, the Col·lectiu Nostra Terra, the Teixim Potries association and other local entities carried out the project called “Potries has a beach: project to recover the river bank of the Serpis river in La Palanca”. The general objectives of the action consisted in the environmental improvement of the environment of the action through the elimination of the invasive exotic species present in the section of work and the substitution by shrub species, thus recovering a space close to the population. The accessibility to this section of the river was recovered, which increasingly presents a recreational and educational use by the Potries neighborhood and the region, and the landscape and the riverside ecosystem typical of this environment.

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